7 year wait for War Veterans Act amendments finally coming to an end.

Posted by Janice Ncube

After a long wait for change, processes of getting the War Veterans Bill reviewed by fellow war veterans and other stakeholder have began.

The process which began this past Sunday has seen over 250 war veterans attending the meeting which was set in partnership with the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation.

Speaking on the side lines of the meeting, Secretary General of the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Party (ZIPRA) Veterans Association Petros Sibanda said the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Bill was first commenced in 2013 but loopholes had been seen since the War Veterans Act’s inception in 1997.

Sibanda highlights on the issue of inclusive coverage.

He also said it was time for all veterans to be included in the formulation of Acts which have to do with their future rather than have those in power dictating everything.

Also speaking on the issue, Spokesperson for the Association Buster Magwizi said the veterans will hold the government at ransom for all botched processes unless they rectify their errors.

Magwizi talks on the power of control.

He noted that many wounded both physically and psychologically never got the necessary treatments to help them adapt to living in the society.

Magwizi emphasizing on the effects of the vets not getting cleansed after the war.

He also stated that there are necessary programs such as those of rehabilitation, reconciliation, memorialisation and resettlement which need to be done in order to rectify past sins.

Ex Officio Andrew Ndlovu highlighted that the Veterans have in the past used violence against the government fighting for the rights of the group.

Ndlovu notes that past actions can be repeated

He also said the Veterans need to have a say as to who will lead them rather than having people imposed because they have seen many fail to deliver what is expected of them.

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