Nokusa Masuku 15-04-24 Tsholotsho villagers in the resettlement area of Tshino and Sawudweni are in dire need of food aid for schools and health facilities among other needs. A local village head in Tshino Mr Ndwangu, says the area is not conducive for farming activities as the soils is infertile. He added that people are […]

Chenai Museta 11.04.24 In a highly-anticipated debut, Highlanders Royals are gearing up for their first season in the rebranded Women Premier Soccer League (WPSL), set to commence this Saturday The WPSL has been dominated by Black Rhinos Queens, who secured four consecutive titles, followed by Herentals claiming the championship for two successive seasons. However, Highlanders […]

Nokusa Masuku 06-04-24 The National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe has dismissed a circulating press release dated 4 April 2024 as fake, citing that it did not issue the press statement. The fake statement reads: “Due to overwhelming pressure from the citizens of Zimbabwe today, concerning images depicting his Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the outgoing Reserve […]

Marvelous Mpofu and Romeo Gumbo 12.01.24 The Ministry of Environment, Climate and Wildlife recently launched the 2023 to 2024 National cloud seeding programme at Joshua Nkomo Airport. Cloud seeding is a scientifically approved rainfall enhancement method that involves the deliberate introduction of hydrophilic substances into the atmosphere in order to stimulate the formation of rain […]

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