Explanation on the relationship between religion and politics

Posted by Evans Jona

The relationship between religion and politics has often been misunderstood by some, with others highlighting that the two are not linked to each other while some think that religion and politics are intertwined.

In Zimbabwe’s context, the two philosophies have been working hand in hand since the colonial era to the present day.

 In the currently state of affairs in the country, religion and politics are working closely together to bring about economic transformation and change evidenced by government’s constant engagement with various religious groups including ZAOGA, ZCC, and the Johanne Marange Apostolic church among others.

The engagement has been scaled down to local authorities in cities, towns and communities seen through a prayer and thanksgiving meeting hosted by the Bulawayo City Council at the Large City Hall on Tuesday.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM News, a local Religion Analyst Jeremiah Chihuri said the relationship between religion and politics dates back far beyond the colonial era and is deeply rooted in the Bible.

Jeremiah Chihuri explains the origins of the relationship between religion and politics

Chihuri said politics is for freedom from divine rule and religion seeks to bring politics in alignment with the divine order.

Jeremiah Chihuri highlights the link between the two philosophies

He further alluded that there is nothing wrong for politicians to use religion to gain popularity and attain votes since religion has legal grounds in politics and this can never be viewed as abuse of the religion circle by political figures.

Jeremiah Chihuri speaking about how politicians use religion in their careers

Chihuri added that those who equate religion and politics as the same, since politicians seek religious advice from some religious leaders in times of political turmoil, were not wrong because politicians know where peace is manufactured and they run to the church for reprieve, which is commendable.

He however, discouraged political leader from to visiting religious groups only as a last resort adding that church must be given space in politics and allowed to advise and speak to politicians with or without crises.

Jeremiah Chihuri highlites the the desired relationship that should exidt between religion and politics

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