Hope not lost for the Zimbabwean youth

Posted by Evans Jona

Any country’s social and political terrain is defined and determined by the youths and in the case of Zimbabwe; youths constitute 67.7% of the population.

Zimbabwean youths are faced with day to day challenges which include unemployment, unaffordable education, migration due to limited opportunities in the country, drug and substance abuse, child marriages and sexual abuse of young women among others.

A cocktail of these challenges leave most youths vulnerable, depressed and constantly wondering whether there are any chances of success ahead of them.

Writer and creative entrepreneur Nyasha Andrew Mataidza however says youths in Zimbabwe can attract great opportunities towards their way to bring about a desired successful future.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM News, Mataidza said as the country is faced with a tough economic environment, youths must not despair but create time to invest in personal success by initiating projects that can attract better opportunities regardless of the tough economic environment.

Mataidza noted that youths need to gear up their level of influence in order to attract better opportunities for themselves.

Nyasha Mataidza speaking about youths gearing their level of influence.

Mataidza added that youths need to define themselves and be able to make an impact in their lives and the lives of many through identifying what they are good at.

Nyasha Mataidza giving pointers on how youths can define themselves.

Networking and meeting new people in a tough economic environment was also mentioned as a way to generate new ideas that youths can utilize in creating better opportunities for themselves. Mataidza however urged youths to be humble as they meet different people from different lines of business.

Nyasha Mataidza speaking about the importance of networking.

Youths were also encouraged to develop sound judgment and understanding since it helps in making informed decisions and solving problems in their success journey.

Meanwhile, Mataidza urged youths to join non-profit organizations that offer initiatives that are in favour of youth empowerment since there is a higher likelihood that they might benefit from them.

Nyasha Mataidza urging youths to join non-profit organisations.

Mataidza further noted that youths must associate themselves with people who constantly support them and give sound advice for them to create better opportunities that render success in their endeavors.

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