26 Killed in Fatal Accidents During Easter

By Staff ReporterAt least 26 people were killed in road traffic accidents that occurred on the country’s highways during the just ended Easter holidays.

Statistics released by National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi indicate an increase in fatalities this year compared to last year where 8 people were killed during the same period.

A total of 231 road traffic accidents occurred this year compared to 178 in 2020. Of these 25 were fatal, resulting in 26 fatalities and 149 injuries.

Last year there were 8 fatalities , 8 deaths and 22 injuries.

According to Asst. Commissioner Paul Nyathi, human error such as speeding , overtaking errors and failure to observe road rules and regulations were the major causes of the fatal road traffic accidents that occurred during this holiday.

““The major causes of fatal road traffic accidents have been observed to be speeding, inattention, misjudgement, overtaking errors and failure to observe road rules and regulations which can all be attributed to human error,” said Asst. Commissioner Nyathi

“We urge drivers to travel at safe speeds considering the condition of the roads and safety of other road users. Pedestrians are also being urged to be observants when crossing any road and should check other sides of the road to make sure it is safe to cross before doing so. Motorists should be patient, considerate and observant on approaching roads under construction or repair.”

Asst. Comm Nyathi also warned Public Service Vehicle operators who are conducting inter-city movements and were not complying with Covid-19 regulations.

He said some of these operators were carrying passengers exceeding the allowed threshold of 50 percent while others were ferrying standing passengers.

“The law will be applied to the bus crew and operators. Pirate and mushikashika vehicles will be impounded and action taken on the owner as well as on the police officers who are allowing them passage on the roads.”

Meanwhile he also warned all beer halls bars and night club operators in Harare , Bulawayo ,Gweru and Mutare who breached the Covid 19 regulations that arrests are being effected with appropriate action now in motion to make sure that Liquor Licensing Board complies with the government’s stance to revoke all licenses for operators who are not complying with the law.

“Operators who defied the law during th Easter holiday in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and other towns are being dealt with. Police will make sure that licenses confiscated are handed over to the relevant Government arms for the stipulated penalties to be effected,” Asst. Comm Nyathi said.

“The public is therefore urged to continue supplying information on this errant beer hall or nightclub operators for decisive action to be taken. Police will avail statistics on the operation in due course.”

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