6 MDC -Alliance MPs recalled from Parliament

By Taboka Nleya P

MDC-Alliance Vice President and Member of Parliament for Harare East, Tendai Biti and five others which include Member of Parliament for Nkulumane Constituency, Hon. Kucaca Phulu and Member of Parliament for Pumula Constituency Hon. Sichelesile Mahlangu were on Wednesday recalled from Parliament after the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) announced that they were no longer members of the party.

Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda made the announcement after receiving the notice from the Secretary General of the P.D.P Benjamin Rukanda .

Other recalled Members of Parliament include , Hon. William Madzimure MP for Kambuzuma, Hon. Settlement Chikwinya MP for Mbizo and Hon. Regai Tsonga MP for Mutasa South.

“I am the current secretary general of the People’s Democratic Party and as such I have authority to make these correspondents:

“The members listed below have by operation of Clause 64 subsection A of our party constitution ceased to belong to the party and are hereby being recalled. We await your further advice, ” read the letter .

This comes after High Court judge, Justice Sylvia Chirawu-Mugomba, ruled that the PDP faction led by Lucia Matibenga had the power to recall the party’s MPs and councillors who have joined the post-election MDC Alliance.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM news after the occurrence Hon. Phulu said he will not be discouraged by what transpired and will continue working as usual.

“Recalling us from parliament is the work of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration which is trying to block us as Members of Parliament from expressing our grievances and the that of the people. The letter was written by a man who claims to be the Secretary General of our party and the Speaker immediately recalled Members of Parliament . As an MP this will not deter me or us from conducting our duties , we will continue with all the work we were doing in our various constituencies.”

When the MDC Alliance was formed under the leadership of the late former MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, Biti and Matibenga went separate ways. Biti and others joined the coalition under Tsvangirai, who was succeeded by Nelson Chamisa when he died a few months before the elections.

Matibenga and her faction joined hands with the Joice Mujuru-led People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) ahead of the 2018 general elections.

The MDC Alliance party now led by Chamisa is different from the MDC Alliance coalition which was made up of seven political parties, among them the PDP and the MDC-T led by Tsvangirai, and later by Chamisa.

The coalition was created to contest the 2018 general elections and each party seconded candidates to the alliance.

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