Baking Industry Least Affected By Covid-19 Induced Lockdown

By Charity Chikara

The Covid-19 induced lockdown has taken its toll on the business sector since the deadly virus hit the country but the baking industry seems to be the least affected as people conduct small events and gatherings with close family members .

On such occasions locals place orders for pastries such as cakes , cupcakes , platters and more thereby making the baking business profitable.

One baker said business was at its height during the first Covid-19 induced lockdown.

” Despite the lockdown people still celebrate birthdays and host events were cakes are at the center of the celebrations. From my experience i was actually busier during the first lockdown because i was swamped with deliveries.”

Mrs Ndlovu a baker, high-school teacher and university student said the lockdown enabled her to juggle her career, school and family as she did most of her work at home and made home deliveries.

” I received more orders as people ordered cakes to lighten their moods and celebrate their special days. Before the lockdown i was selling an average of 4 cakes a week and during the lockdown i was now selling at least 6-8 cakes per week.”

A 6 inch Cake is ranging from USD$15 and USD$35 for a large 12 inch cake while Cupcakes are sold at $5 for 6 and $10 for 12.

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