BCC intensifies clean up campaign

By Iden M Maphosa

Friday marks the first day of the national clean up campaign for the year with the City of Bulawayo partnering the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce , Hon Raj Modi , in the launch of the exercise .

Deputy Mayor Cnclr Mlandu Ncube , speaking during the launch which took place on Thursday ahead of the clean up campaign , said the local authority targets to clean up all sanitary lanes and clear litter in the central business district.

“We are here to launch our clean up as the city of Bulawayo we are saying it cannot be a clean up only on every Friday as declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa so we are saying let s keep our city clean. Our acting Town Clerk together with our cleansing department conducted a tour during Christmas and so how dirty our city is .

They then came up with a program of taking private players to pick litter . While this program was going on a community member from Ward 1 approached the Honorable minister who joined the campaign and donated a tipper truck to collect refuse”.

This comes at an opportune time when residents have bemoaned the increased littering and dirty sanitary lines which they now fear could now become a health hazard to many.

One pleaded with authorities to clean the city and also encouraged other citizens to keep the city clean so that it reverts back to its status of being the cleanest city in the country.

“UBulawayo sengcolile umkhuhlane siyazenzela thina sodwa ngedoti esilayo , emkothweni kugcelwe idoti. Angazi kumbe ikhansili iyehluleka ukuthi ithwale yini izibi zonke ezigcweleyo? Lapho okugadelwa khona amabhasi kugcwele idoti , lapho okugadelwa khona imitshova kugcwele idoti eyesabekayo ungayehla ngo 6th Avenue wesaba ukuthi ngu Bulawayo yini lowo”.

Another citizen said sanitary lanes were extremely dirty because of people littering everywhere and it was worsened by the current weather conditions .

“I have never seen the CBD as dirty as it is now i don’t know why the standards of cleanliness have gone down .I think building owners should consider locking up entrance and exit points in sanitary lanes which contain the worst litter in the city. It is so disgusting especially now that its raining . Its a sore sight to look at”.

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