BVTA Applauds Gvt For COVID-19 Vaccination Blitz in Bulawayo

Nompilo Mathuthu

The Bulawayo Vendors Traders Association (BVTA) has applauded the government’s initiative of prioritising vendors and informal traders through the COVID-19 vaccination program that started on the 6th of July 2021.

BVTA Executive Director Michael Ndiweni welcomed government’s move saying it is going to assist the government and will go a long way to curb the spread of Covid 19 in the sector.

Ndiweni noted some challenges at the beginning of the program such as informal traders who were not in possession of valid licenses or letters who were being turned away but was grateful as this issue was resolved by authorities through public notices calling for use of registers for market places.

“We spoke to the authorities who decided to make use of registers . Another concern was that some centers were limiting the number of people who should be vaccinated in a day but all these concerns will be resolved as time goes on .”

The requirements for vaccination include national identification card, vendors license or current renewal receipt and flea markets are to produce registers for their members.

To date over 2 000 informal traders have received the first jab .

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