Covid19 Vaccine to be administered to people for free

By Staff Reporter

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday officially launched the second phase of the national vaccination program in Victoria Falls where he reiterated that the Covid19 vaccines are to be administered to people for free and on voluntary basis.

ln his address, President Mnangagwa said the vaccines being administered across the country are state owned and will remain free charge; Private companies who procure vaccines must not sell the vaccine but administer them at no cost and on a voluntary basis.

“Let me reiterate the global call by the World health Organisation that ‘No one is safe, until everyone is safe’. I therefore challenge all of us in our respective communities to accept the vaccination programme and to shun vaccine hesitancy, misinformation and the negative conspiracy theories. Getting vaccinated is a personal and a family responsibility as well as a national obligation. Vaccination further advances our country’s global obligation to combat the continued spread and negative socio-economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in line with the United Nations and African Union expectations . ”

President Mnangagwa added that the launch of the second phase of the vaccination programme in Victoria Falls city intends to boost the tourism sector as it reopens for unlimited Tourism industry.

He further hailed frontline workers who responded positively to the first phase of the vaccination program which saw 68% of the frontline workers being vaccinated.

“The first phase of the vaccination programme was a success due to the broad acceptance of the vaccine doses by the targeted groups. Over 68 percent of the target group in the first phase has been vaccinated. I commend all frontline workers and the security services sector for the fortitude and dedication to duty with regards to our fight against Covid-19 pandemic. This launch is historic in that it is not only being held here at the City of Victoria Falls, our premium tourist destination, but also in attendance are leaders from various political parties in our country, who will also receive their Covid-19 vaccine doses “, said President Mnangagwa .

Zimbabwe recently procured 1.2million doses of vaccine from China, the initial consignment of the vaccines was received in the country on the 16th of March 2021 and the remainder is expected in the country in early April.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa was accompanied by several Cabinet Ministers and various leaders from Political Parties who also received their first jabs at Victoria Falls Hospital yesterday.

Meanwhile Victoria Falls Mayor Councillor Somvelo Dlamini and Town Clerk Ronnie Dube also received their first jabs of the Covid 19 vaccine at Victoria Falls Hospital.

Speaking shortly after being jabbed Dlamini said we was elated at the fact that Victoria Falls became the first city to receive benefit from the mass vaccination of the city drive by Government.

He further urged the Government to speed up the exercise and most importantly escalate the dissemination of information to people in vulnerable places of the society and other areas that can be hardly reached so as to assure them that the vaccine being administered to people is safe and verified.

His Worship the Mayor further urged the Victoria Falls community to come out in numbers and vaccinate themselves as the vaccine will save them from the spread of the COVI19 while improving the tourism sector in the city.

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