Delay in exam dates announcement affects candidates

By Junior Mupfigo

Candidates sitting for this year’s Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) examinations are concerned with preparations for the exams since there is no communication on actual writing dates and the opening of schools.

Zimsec Board Chairperson , Professor Eddie Mwenje , is on record saying that preparations for the exams are in progress despite setbacks presented by the Covid 19 pandemic . According to Prof. Mwenje cabinet must approve examination dates , before they are announced taking into consideration recommendations from consultations made with stakeholders.

A student from St Bernard’s High School said that it was high time the dates were announced so that they get their minds set on preparing for exams.

“It is difficult to prepare for exams if we do not have a timetable. I am a learner who easily forgets and i need an extended time frame to grasp what i would be reading . Its even worse because we are not even sure when we are opening schools.”

Another student from Amhlophe High School said she was afraid of failing her exams.

“It is easier for me to prepare for my examinations knowing the timetable . I usually create my own timetable which is flexible enough for me to conduct my studies.”

Zimsec is also waiting for directions from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary education.

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