Fast Jet Launches new flight

By Taboka .P. Nleya

Fastjet recently launched and celebrated the introduction of a new flight as an addition to their fleet.

The aviation sector which is currently reeling under the pain of the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic as it has been difficult to keep the nation connected to both international and domestic destinations because of the decreased demand for service, loss of critical skills and depleting the balance sheet.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM news yesterday was the Board Chairman of Fast Jet Zimbabwe Farai Mutangamira who revealed that adding a new plane to the fleet in the midst of Covid 19 means they are taking a positive outlook as they are seeing beyond the pandemic and motivated by the response of the government to the pandemic.

He said adding a plane to the fleet will undoubtedly add more convenience and comfort to the people and more connectivity within the country as well as in the region.

“Fastjet still continues to have a positive outlook to business despite the pandemic and adding the fourth fleet of plane will make sure that business continues to thrive even during the pandemic”, said Mutamangira.

Skyz Metro FM also spoke to the Board Chairman of Airports Company Zimbabwe Dave Popatlal who congratulated Fast Jet for this initiative and show of confidence they have as a private company to fly to different destinations across Zimbabwe.

He said this initiative has possibilities of igniting other players in the flying fraternity.

“This will encourage other players to follow pursuit what has been done by FastJet.This has set an example of what other sectors should do to promote business”,he said.

Mr Allowance Sango, the of Director Policy Planning and International Cooperation in the Ministry of Transport said government through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural development is proud as Fast jet is registering their fourth aircraft.

He said as Ministry of Transport they are providing the support not only to the aviation industry but inter medial transport air rail and road towards the achievement of Vision 2030.

“We are proud of FastJet as this is their fourth registration despite the Covid 19 pandemic they continue to thrive in line with vision 2030 set by the government”,said Sango.

More connections have been added to Bulawayo and are now flying double daily from Bulawayo into Johannesburg.

They have also kept Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, Harare and Johannesburg connected with multiple daily flights. They have also added more flexibility across all their fare options and recently partnered CBZ and Simbisa to add more convenience to access their services.

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