By Sibonginkosi Maphosa

Former Deputy Minister of Transport and Energy who is also the Former Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Botswana and serving Zanu pf politburo member Zenzo Nsimbi has called on investors to consider investing in Bulawayo as he revealed that the city has a huge potential that needs to be exploited.

Once an Industrial hub for Southern Africa which was popularly known as ‘ Ko Ntuthu Ziyathunqa’ , Bulawayo has seen a number of big companies closing down and relocating to Harare.

In an interview with Sibonginkosi Maphosa, the Chief Executive Officer of Bulawayo Metal Founders, Ambassador Nsimbi said the city ‘ s industry can be fully operational considering the favorable infrastructure it currently possesses.

“My plea however goes to potential investors who would love to invest in the city, that Bulawayo is open for business, there are lot of opportunities out there and all one needs to do is to identify the opportunities and exploit them ” , he said.

Ambassador Nsimbi currently employs 90 workers at Bulawayo Metal Founders and he is planning to expand further his workforce to 120 employees.

Ambassador Nsimbi further added that his company just imported machinery worth USD 100 000 and it will take a further USD 35 000 for it to be installed.

He challenged the Bulawayo City Council to be flexible attributing that a lot of properties were abandoned when some companies closed shop.

“It is all about talking to the Bulawayo City Council ,because a lot of buildings are owing monies for rates and rentals, council can even partner them in terms of reviving the companies through the economic development office , ” he added.

Ambassador Nsimbi further said most people have the fear of the unknown.

” Most people just fear the unknown , but Bulawayo has potential considering it’s proximity to South Africa and even Botswana” he said.

Metal Founders manufactures and engineers different types of metal including small metal joints that are used to pump water from respective dams cutting import costs for relevant authorities.

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