Government approves Phase 2 of the Covid 19 Vaccination Exercise

By Staff Reporter

Government will soon roll out Phase 2 of the Covid 19 vaccination exercise which comes after Cabinet yesterday approved commencement of the second phase which prioritises college and university lecturers , school teachers and people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure .

The first phase of the Covid19 vaccination exercise was launched two weeks ago after the country received the first batch of 200 000 Sinopharm Covid 19 vaccines from China where 34 00 frontline workers were vaccinated .

Speaking during a post Cabinet media briefing, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services , Monica Mutsvangwa said progress made in the initial stages of the vaccination programme had prompted the approval of the second stage.

” In the recent past the Ministry of Health and Child Care in conjuction with the Ministries of Primary and Secondary Education , the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education , Innovation , Science and Technology Development has been working on refining infection prevention and control mechanisms in preparation of the commencement of the 2021 school calendar year on 15 March for examination classes and 22 March for the rest of the learners , preparations are well on course including provision for water and sanitation facilities for the opening of classes. In view of the extra vaccination capacity cabinet has resolved that those in Phase 2 of the National Vaccination Plan can start getting their vaccines.”

Minister Mutsvangwa added that organizations interested in procuring Covid 19 vaccines will procure them through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

“Following wide ranging consultations with the private sector, the following guidelines will be followed: All Covid-19 approved vaccines will be procured through the National Vaccine Procurement Fund managed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Organisations, individuals and any partners wishing to donate towards vaccine procurement will do so to the President through the Fund. Donations received and pledges made to date will be announced.”

Only vaccines approved by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe which iclude the Sinophram, Sinovac from China, Covaxin from India and Sputnik_V from Russia will be used following the guidelines made by cabinet.

“The National Vaccine Procurement Fund will procure on behalf of the organisations guided by the national procurement guidelines. To ensure safety and efficacy, vaccines shall be kept at the Central Vaccines Stores under the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the National Cold Chain guidelines shall apply.

Only trained and registered health professionals shall be authorised to administer vaccines, and only the Ministry of Health and Child Care shall be responsible for issuing all Covid-19 vaccination certificates. All vaccines administered at private institutions will be transported by Ministry of Health and Child Care medical staff under guard by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.”

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