Judiciary Services Commission legal year commences

By Iden M Maphosa

The Judiciary Services Commission is set to complete two outstanding Matebeleland North and South Courts, projects which commenced in 2019.

Addressing stakeholders during the official opening of the 2022 legal year at the Bulawayo High Court on Monday, Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza, said the project this year will focus on completing plumbing, electricity, tiling and paving by the end of the first legal term of 2022.

“We also have two outstanding and very important projects in Matebeleland North Province in Lupane and Matebeleland South in Gwanda. Lupane is the provincial capital of the province and it was an anomaly that in our court structures we did not have Matebeleland North as a province.

This was rectified in 2019 as it became our tenth province. We have been renting offices from the district administrator. We immediately commenced construction of the courthouse. The progress has been very good in the construction of the courthouse”.

Whilst, in Gwanda the construction of a multipurpose Court which will house the various departments of the JSC is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, the JSC also seeks to strengthen information technology to strengthen its day to day activities in the Covid 19 era.

Technology in the system will enhance administrative justice, efficiency and the rule of law.

“The use of technology has assumed better importance as a means of fulfilling the role of the courts in the administration of justice. The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has reflected certain truths regarding the use of technology. Various professions have embraced digitisation in their day to day activities. legal professionals have appeared to be however slow in reaching out with others in the professional way of doing things”.

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