Bulawayo  welcomes inter ministerial committee to tackle drug and substance abuse

By Andile Mvundla


Bulawayo has welcomed the newly appointed inter ministerial committee elected by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa to deal with the increasing substance and drug  abuse by the youth that has been crippling the city.

The committee will be made up of different ministries led by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare that include the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation ; Ministry of primary and Secondary Education ; Ministry of  Higher and Tertiary Education; Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage.

Speaking to this reporter , one resident thanked the President for establishing the committee which will make the youths aware of the side effects of drugs and substance abuse that they are taking without proper knowledge.

” I thank the President for coming up with this committee that will create awareness and teach the youth the disadvantages of using drugs which are killing most of them, ” she said.

Another Resident highlighted that the committee comes as a positive move to eradicate the growing drug problem to the society which has harmed both the young and the adults.

” This committee must look into the issue of how the drugs are finding their way onto the streets . They must thoroughly investigate all those adults that are in the business of selling and distributing the drugs and alcohol that is now a nuisance in most areas , ” he said .

The committee was set up to fight substance abuse which supports the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1)  in improving  public health and well being of the citizens in Zimbabwe.


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