Reactions from parents on vaccination of 14-17 years age group

By Bridget Pasipamire

Following cabinets resolution on Wednesday  that  Covid 19 vaccination will now be extended to children from the ages of 14-17 based on the advice of scientists, parents have received the news with mixed emotions .

Until now, the vaccination program has been open to people aged 18 years and above.

One parent said she is scared to get her daughter vaccinated because she is not sure if she will not react to the vaccine.

“As a parent i am not happy with allowing my children to get vaccinated . Other people close to us have reacted badly and in different ways to the vaccine so i am not confident that my children might not have the same problems.”

Another parent said her teenage son will not get vaccinated because she is also not vaccinated.

” I have not vaccinated because i do not trust the vaccine i am hearing from those that have been vaccinated that they get sick after receiving the jab so i do not want to experience that . My son is 16 and he will not get vaccinated because i am also afraid of the vaccine.”

One however  commended the move saying it was pointless for parents to get vaccinated whilst the children were not vaccinated.

“I think this is a good move if our children get vaccinated . As parents we have been vaccinated and inorder for the whole family to be safe we should all be vaccinated , when they go back to school we know that they are at least protected from  the virus because they are vaccinated.”

Government has so far acquired 13 million doses of Covid19 vaccines, out of the 20 million required in order to achieve herd immunity by December 2021.


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