Lupane residents share opinions on Covid 19 regulations

By Charity Chikara

Residents in Lupane have shared varying opinions on allegations that most people have stopped adhering to Covid 19 regulations especially the wearing of face masks . One resident who identified herself as MaNcube said that people walk around the area without masks most of the time.

A few passer bys during the interview were not wearing masks.

” People here at the Lupane Centre have developed the habit of wearing masks when getting into a shop or when approaching the police station. I do not know of anyone who was arrested for not wearing masks or anyone who has succumbed to the virus and blamed this on people’s reluctance .”

Contrary to maNcube’s observations a shop attendant who identified himself as Siziba begged to differ .

” I do not believe that people here are complacent vendors at the terminus, visitors, students and residents in general wear masks because most people understand that Covid-19 is real. People should not take Lupane residents as backward because the area is developing fast and we are fully exposed to relevant information on the virus to protect ourselves ,” he said .

The province on Thursday had registered 7 new Covid 19 infections and 1 death. In total it has reported 7 379 with 7 073 recoveries.

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