Morningside parents worry over hanging cables

By Yemurai Kanhukamwe

Hanging copper cables left unattended are now posing a great danger to children in Morningside. The hanging wires are as a result of theft of copper cables that has continued to haunt residents in the area.

Concerned parent , Mrs Charity Dube , expressed her displeasure with the cables .

” I am worried about the children who have no one to monitor them on their way back from school because some of them decide to play with these cables . You can never know what happens in the mind of a child and what could happen because of these cables . We have made several reports to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) but up to now nothing has been done ” , said Mrs Dube.

Another concerned parent Janet Moyo , said the cables were a danger to children who loved experimenting .

” Sometimes you can find them playing dangerously with the cables which is worrisome because we do not monitor them on all occasions.”

Commenting on the matter ZETDC Acting Regional Manager Engineer Lloyd Jaji said the power utility was looking into the issue.

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