NetOne extends coverage to Bulilima Community

By Nompilo Mathuthu

The Minister of Information, Communication ,Technology ,Postal and Courier services , Hon Jenfan Muswere has applauded telecommunications service provider , NetOne for installing a new base station in Nopemano in Bulilima district in Matebeleland South Province .

Addressing the community in the district during the official launch of the new base station at Nopemano Primary School on Friday , Minister Muswere said the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) seeks to provide information communication technology( ICT )and digital access at village level. In support of (NDSI) the Ministry’s core business is to ensure that they connect the unconnected by creating an enabling environment and (ICT) policies that facilitate the use of information technologies.

“We are hear to ignite digital transformation as we soldier towards a digital economy by the year 2030 . the joint commissioning that we have just today is testimony to the commitment which was made by His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa when he underlined and prioritised a digital economy as pivotal to the transformation of our economy as we work towards Vision 2030 . the commissioning which we have done today represents access utilisation industry growth and governance of the entire sector”.

Towards achieving the same goal NetOne also recently launched phase three of the National Mobile Broad Band Expansion Project (NMBB3) which will see 345 new base stations being built and installed nationwide to connect communities.

The Deputy Minister of ICT and Courier Services , Dingimuzi Phuthi said this initiative will reward the Communities in Bulilima.

Netone Chief Executive Officer , Raphael Mushanawani said promoting and enabling the use of ICTs at village level offers a pathway for government to achieve a digital economy for sustainable development.

“Information Technology is at the heart of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030 and National Development Strategy goal number 1 as an enabler for development , communication and business investment .As a business NetOne has embraced the role in achieving the NDS1 that is to digitise the economy through the use of ICT’s with our exceptional products we are offering , lives will be transformed and communities will be developed . It is without doubt that ICT’s is the backbone of the new normal”.

During the same event Nopemano Primary School received 30 laptops and 10 desktops from Potraz as well as 3000 books from service provider Telecel.

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