Nketa 7 woman harvests 250kgs of cotton in community garden

By Anotida Shamiso Kwami

Dorcas Ncube from Nketa 7 has defied all odds and harvested cotton in the high density suburbs community garden. Ncube harvested a bale of cotton weighing 250 kgs from a small potion of land that she was allocated by the areas Ward Councilor Mzama Dube .

Speaking to this reporter , Ncube said she was given a small portion of land to carry out the full experiment of cotton farming in the community gardens by Councilor Dube following a successful harvest of the crop in her home garden.

“I first planted the crop in my garden at home and it was successful .Councilor Dube saw the crop and asked me about it . I then told him that i was just testing if it was possible to farm cotton. He then allocated me land when they were issuing out community gardens and this is what i have harvested. I would like to request the Bulawayo City Council to allocate me a bigger piece of land so that i can continue with my project , ” she said.

Ncube indicated that she has experience in cotton farming as she used to grow cotton in her rural home of Nkayi . Her biggest harvest ever was 15 bales of cotton.

Councilor Dube said Ncube had amazed all by growing the crop which he was not aware that the city’s climate was suitable for cotton farming.

“We are hear to witness the harvesting of cotton which is a first for us in this region. This woman told me that it was possible to grow cotton in this area. We then allocated her a piece of land to see if she was going to be successful in growing the crop and this is the end result. We are pleased with her work because we always told ourselves that cotton was only grown in Gokwe , ” said Councilor Dube.

The ward development committee has expressed  interest in venturing into cotton farming under the mentorship of Dorcas Ncube.

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