Only 50% Of Teachers Reporting For Duty In City Schools

By Nompilo Mathuthu

Only 50 per cent of teachers in Bulawayo are reporting for duty while 68 per cent learners are attending school, an education official has revealed.

Presenting before the Covid-19 taskforce led by the Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo, the Deputy Provincial Education Director (PED) Thabani Sibanda said the findings are from 75 schools sampled in the province last week .

” Teachers who are not reporting for work cited incapacitation , this is s a major set back which is also affecting education in the province.

Responding to the presentation, Minister Moyo said it was disappointing to note that teachers in Bulawayo were not attending lessons despite government’s call for teachers to report for duty.

” This is a major setback in the education sector if teachers continue not reporting for duty it means learners in the province will not catch up with other learners in the country . It is not reasonable to have teachers claiming to be incapacitated while they were getting paid during the total lockdown when learners were not attending school ” , he said .

On Monday government in a statement said teachers going on strike or conducting extra lessons will be fired or at the very least face suspension of pay as soon as it activation of systems to track the malpractices.

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