Operators Welcome Restaurant Sit-ins

By Nomalanga Makwelo

The Tourism and Hospitality Industry sector in the country has welcomed government’s decision to allow restaurants to resume sit ins.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM news , Chairperson of the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe(HAZ) , Victoria Falls Chapter Arnold Musonza, said that government’s move of allowing restaurants to open for sit-ins at 50% capacity was an indication to the captains of the industries that they were moving towards the right direction.

“This is an exciting thing because all our visitors and everyone else wants to dine out and businesses had been suffering in terms of not having income to look after their staff and operations. We welcome the decision which allows our businesses to start operating , to create jobs and to allow people to start dining whilst they enjoy beautiful meals , beautiful scenery and ambience'”

Musonza called on restaurant and lodge owners to be responsible when it comes to conducting their businesses.

“I implore stakeholder within the industry to abide by the Covid 19 protocols and all the Standard Operating Procedures so that we do not encounter a third wave which will eventually result in us closing business again ,so we would want all to act responsibly as we reopen our business we do it in a responsible manner that allows us to look after our clients so that we do not become key spreaders of the pandemic.”

He however appealed to the government to consider the issue of licensing fees needed to re-open businesses as restaurants had not yet generated any meaningful revenue as such costs could hinder a quick turnaround.

Speaking during the Post Cabinet briefing on Tuesday , Minister of Information , Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa , announced that government had given a greenlight to restaurants to open for sit-ins at 50℅ capacity under strict adherence to Covid 19 guidelines.

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