Parents voice concerns over data charges and online lessons

By Nompilo Mathuthu

Since the second postponement of schools opening this year to help curb the spread of Covid 19 parents and guardians have been forced to part with at least 20 U.S dollars for their children to access online extra lessons.

In a survey conducted by Skyz Metro FM parents were parting with more than $20 U.S dollars on data so that children could attend online lessons.

One resident said they have a child who is in grade seven who are expected to sit for public examinations hence they are forced to buy data which they can not afford.

“I am forced to buy data even when l cannot afford it because l have a son who is sitting for grade seven examinations soon”, said the parent.

Another resident said she was struggling to raise money for her two children to attend online lessons because she has no stable source of income.

She said with data prices constantly being reviewed, the government should consider crafting mechanisms of ensuring that learners access educational material even
during the pandemic.

“The government should consider its people when these data prices are being reviewed because many Zimbabweans cannot afford it and l myself do not have a stable source of income “, said the parent.

Another student said at her school she is expected to pay around 10 U.S dollars per subject to engage the online revision platforms.

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