Pelandaba Community To Use CDF Funds to Build Ablution Facilities

By Nomalanga Makwelo

The three thousand ablution facilities that are set to be constructed by residents in Phelandaba are expected to ease the sanitation and hygiene problem which has been prevalent in the area for a very long time.

According to Ward 13 Councilor , Frank Javangwe , money from the constituency development funds will be channeled towards the project.

” The community is currently working on constructing over 3000 toilets for the Iminyela and Mabutweni residents . The houses have no toilets and make use of the community toilets model and you will find that close to 40 people share one toilet. Construction of the toilets, would help curb the spread of diseases that emanate from sharing toilets ,coupled with water challenges that we are currently facing , ” said the Councilor .

The community is also addressing the social ills that face the youth around the area such as early unintended pregnancies and alcohol abuse.

” We have tasked some members of the Community to directly deal with the youth through educating them about sexual reproductive health as well as the dangers associated with engaging in crime related activities .”

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