Prominent Bulawayo Lawyer Commits Suicide

By Providence Moyo & Nompilo Mathuthu

A prominent Lawyer and partner at a leading law firm in Bulawayo Web , Low and Barry committed suicide by shooting himself yesterday afternoon.

Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the development to Skyz Metro FM news and said Norman James Partison (64) , shot himself using a gun at his home in Bradfield when his wife had gone to the shopping center.

” I can confirm that a 64 year old man from Brad field committed suicide yesterday between 10 in the morning and one in the afternoon when his wife had gone to a shopping center, “he said.

” The body was discovered by his wife when she came back . She saw him in the blankets at first and thought he was asleep only to discover a pool of blood later in the blankets and a gun in his hand.”

Partison had been suffering from depression for close to two months.

Inspector Ncube urged members of the Public to open up whenever they are dealing with issues so that they can get assistance .

“We appeal to members of the Public to share their grievances with friends and family and if they feel uncomfortable the public can visit their nearest police stations to talk to the Victim Friendly Unit,” he said

Meanwhile The National University of Science and technology (NUST) says it is concerned about the number of students who are committing suicide at the institution .

This comes after two students allegedly committed suicide last month .

One student Alpha Kayeruza, who was finishing his Biology and Biochemistry degree, reportedly jumped into a dam in Mvurwi on Saturday.

Student Representative Council Communication Officer Desire Kateyera said urged students to talk about mental health issues and to seek counselling services at the Division of Students Affairs and at the institutions Student Residence.

We urge students to find someone to talk to wherever they have challenges. Counselling services are also available at the Division of Student Affairs and the NUST Residence just near the NUST clinic. ”

“Remember mental illness can be invisible. You can have anxiety but still sound confident. You can be depressed but still smile and make jokes. You can be suicidal but appear ‘very fine’. ”

“Be wary of these and make sure you share what could be affecting your mental health with someone,” Kateyera added.

Mental health activist and founder of Rare Diseases and Disabilities Africa Foundation (RADDA) Tinotenda Mudarikwa called for dialogue on mental health issues in tertiary institutions .

Zimbabwe has the 34th highest suicide rate in the world and the fifth in Africa, behind Lesotho, ESwatini, South Africa and Botswana.

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