Reactions from business sector ahead of ZITF

By Andile Mvundla

The upcoming Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2021 edition which will be held in strict adherence to Covid 19 regulations has set some business into a tumbling state.

The exclusion of those below the age of 18 on public days will grossly affect informal businesses which capitalized in selling attractive apparel for children.

An informal trader who has been doing face painting and selling fancy masks at the showcase on public days says the exclusion of these below the age of 18 has crippled those who usually target the age group as their market .

“We heard that all those under 18 will not be allowed on public days , we were also hoping that the Trade Fair will bring in some income for some of us who usually target public days. It means this time around the money is going to be made by exhibitors only , ” he said .

Those in the graphic designing and printing sector have not been spared from the Covid 19 induced effects .

Keith Sithole who is in the business said that at the moment companies are feeling the brunt of the pandemic and are now opting for other alternatives in acquiring publicity material.

“Currently we have not even received any customers that will be exhibiting .Usually by this time around days before the Trade Fair we would have started receiving some clients. There has been not much activity. ”

This year’s edition runs from the 21st of September to 24th of September 2021 with His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa presiding over the official opening.

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