Residents welcome closure of the Pelandaba West death pit

By Providence Moyo

Bulawayo residents have expressed their gratitude to the Bulawayo City Council on the closure of Pelandaba West pit that had become a thorn in the flesh.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM news, Pelandaba West one resident Mrs Moyo , who stays behind the closed pit said , they were grateful that the pit was finally closed because it’s location was making it hard for them to reprimand their children from playing close to the area.

” We would like to thank the Bulawayo City council for finally closing the pits even after lives have been lost. It was now difficult to control children and stop them from going near the area.”

“The City Council should close more pits that are a threat to society as a result of sand poaching in order to avoid the situation that had emanated in Phelandaba West “, said another resident Nkosilathi Mpofu.

Three man one a juvenile drowned in the pit this month leading to an outcry by residents to the local authority to close the disused pit . The disused pits which are located in various areas in the city that include Cowdray Park , Luveve and Entumbane have been caused by sand poaching activities.

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