Theft of litter bins hampers BCC efforts to keep the city clean

By Anotida Shamiso Kwami and Fortune Mhizha

Theft of litter bins is hampering the Bulawayo City Councils (BCC) efforts to eradicate rampant littering in the central business district . According to the local authority’s , Director for Health Services Dr. Edwin Sibanda , the city targets to place litter bins at a distance of 50 meters apart .

Dr Sibanda was speaking during the handover ceremony of 6 bins and sanitizers donated by Clean Box

“To the citizens of Bulawayo we would want to say please let us look after our bins . Drums have gone missing soon after being placed in the correct position .So as we strive to cover bin coverage please help us to look after this property you will find that in 6 days the bins would have been stolen . Residents should not hesitate to report if they see their neighbor with a yellow drum . We are worried about bin coverage and we appreciate donations to help us achieve this”.

Deputy Mayor Cnclr Mlandu Ncube urged residents to compliment efforts being made and develop a culture of cleanliness.

” Cleanliness is essential for a good lifestyle in the difficult time that we are living in due to the Covid 19 pandemic it is important that we keep our environment clean so that we prevent the disease. Bulawayo is our home and we are responsible for maintaining its cleanliness , let us use dust bins to avoid littering”.

Sales and marketing officer for Clean Box Detergents , Sibusiso Tshuma said the donations were inspired by the need to keep Bulawayo clean.

“We are passionate about keeping the city clean and we wish that our city goes back to its previous status as the cleanest in the country “.

Clean Box donated 6 litter bins and hand sanitizers .


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