Tsholotsho Arts Festival Launch

By Iden M Maphosa

The much awaited Tsholotsho Arts Festival was recently launched in Tsholotsho at Zhwane, Roma Hall.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM, the Vice chair of (TAF) Sithembakuye Madida said today they received their certificate from the National Arts Council to proceed with hosting the festival from the next coming years.

“We had a great time at the Launch and twenty-two artists were present at the event, as Tsholotsho Arts Festival we received a certificate from the National Arts Council,” said Madida

She said the first TAF will be held next year and this will be a good opportunity for Tsholotsho artists to showcase their talents as they also deserve a place in the community to grow their talents.

Twenty-two artists performed in commemoration of the TAF launch, and some included Ama 88, Dark X, Woza Africa dance group, and DJ Ngamla.

More Tsholotsho artists are urged to register for the upcoming (TAF) next year.

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