Vice President Kembo Mohadi steps down

By Staff Reporter

Vice President Kembo Mohadi yesterday tendered his resignation to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to his letter of resignation Vice President Mohadi said the resignation
follows what he termed recurring disinformation and virilisation of alleged immoral unions.

“Following the recurring dis-information and virilisation of my alleged immoral unions , dispensed through awakward slacktivism , I am stepping down as the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in terms of Section 96(2) of the constitution of Zimbabwe (No.20) Act, 2013 with immediate effect,” he said .

Vice President Mohadi said the decision of resigning was not a matter of cowardice but a sign of demonstrating great respect to the office of the President.

“Hard as it may be to my family, friends,comrades and cadres of my Zanu-PF , I am taking the decision to step down as Vice-President of Zimbabwe , to save the image of my Government. ”

He added that his decision to relinquish the Vice President’s post was also a way of respecting the citizens of Zimbabwe and fellow party members whom would have been affected by the falsehoods.

“My decision to relinquish the Vice President post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation , and my party comrades ,some of whom would have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination in the digital ecosystems.”

He however thanked President Emmerson Mnangagwa , Zanu-PF cadres and the citizenry for the support.

“Once again , I want to thank the President Cde E.D Mnangagwa , ZANU-PF cadres and the citizens of this Great Nation for the unprecedented support. The energy, the faith ,the devotion which you have in this Government,must light your respective responsibilities and the glow from this light must truly light the world. In my political journey , I have learnt that there are no winners or losers in governance but we are pilgrims tied to a single garment of destiny.”

” I wish the President of Zimbabwe well , as he continues to bear the burden if a struggle to improve the lives of Zimbabweans, to rejoice in hope and patience,in tribulation against poverty ,Covid 19 and Vision 2030 “, he said.

Mohadi’s resignation follows a string of online media reports that alleged he had affairs with several women, both married and single, allegations which he has denied saying he was a victim of information distortion, voice cloning, sponsored spooking and political sabotage.

Kembo Mohadi has served in several capacities as Minister of Home affairs from 2002 to 2015, Minister for state and national security in the presidents office from 2015 to 2017 and also the Minister of Defence, security and war veterans in 2017.

He was appointed to the office of the Vice-president in 2017.

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