Vulture Species In Danger of Extinction In Zimbabwe

By Taboka Nleya P

Conservationists are working towards strategies to curb the dwindling number of the six different vulture species found in the country .

According to experts from Bird Life , vultures could become extinct 5 -10 years from now due to killing, 60% poisoning, 29% persecution for parts, 9% collision and poorly planned powerlines,1% of the people potentially eating them and harvesting or being stolen by unidentified individuals.

Josephine Marange from National University of Science and Technology Department of Forest Resources and Wild Life Management said the ongoing Bird Life Zimbabwe’s Vulture Conservation Programme aims to curb the issue of declining vultures and to join hands with stakeholders such as Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association ZINATA to embark on conservation of the species in the communities.

“Conservation strategies have been suggested that include Legislative changes, Community education about the importance of Vultures and Spreading the word internationally.”

Vice President for the ZINATA Abson Moyo emphasized the importance of these vultures and how they should be preserved .

” People need to be educated on the role these animals play in the environment . I am glad that we as ZINATA are part of the stakeholders meeting to find the way forward in terms of safeguarding vultures .”

The importance of vultures is often overlooked as they are vital for a healthy functioning ecosystem.

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