World Vision Addresses Long Distances Walked By Learners In Plumtree

Nompilo Mathuthu

Over one hundred school going girls in Plumtree have benefitted from the Bicycle Education Empowerment Program (BEEP) spearheaded by a non governmental organisation to alleviate their plight of walking long distances to and from school .

The girls were each presented with a bicycle amid indications that they walked over 10 km to school, translating to 20 km per day.

World Vision Representative Jotham Nhliziyo said they are running a program called Improving Gender, Attitudes, Transition and Education Outcomes-Transition (IGATE) in collaboration with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and its main thrust is to make sure that rural girls access education and transition from one level to the next until they complete the education cycle.

” The bicycles are given to girls who enroll for form one as a way of promoting the transition from primary to secondary education and this has increased the number of girls who enroll compared to before.”

Nhliziyo said reports made indicated that concentration levels of the girl child during lessons were declining drastically due to the long distances they walked .

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