By Sibonginkosi Maphosa & Providence Moyo

Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world on Wednesday to commemorate International nurses day which was running under the theme “A voice to lead- A vision for future health care”

Nursing was introduced back in the day by the late Florence Nightingale who was born in Britain in 1820 and passed on in 1920.

Popularly known as the ” Lady of the Lamp” , Nightingale’s introduction of nursing care training changed the health care services for the better.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association((ZINA) president, Enoch Dongo commended the frontline workers who continue to work and defy all odds as the world battles the Covid 19 pandemic .

” I would like to honour the nurses who lost their lives in the line of duty and those who contracted the disease whilst on duty . The same also goes for those nurses who started working in the fight against the virus from the time that government put the country into lockdown.”

Despite the availability of Covid 19 information stigma related to the pandemic from members of the public haunts the nurses .
” It is still very difficult to society to accept us even if they know that we adhere to Covid 19 prevention methods with some of us already vaccinated . When they see us they think we might have the virus because we work in hospitals “, said one nurse .

Meanwhile the MDCT Spokesperson Witness Dube says that they appreciate the work done by nurses in Zimbabwe citing that despite the challenges induced by Covid 19 they kept on doing their job with due diligence.

” We appreciate the work done by our nurses especially here in Zimbabwe , we want to wish them a happy International nurses day, we are doing everything as a party to make sure that they are rewarded accordingly” , he said.

The health sector has of late been facing a lot of challenges especially during the time when the Covid 19 pandemic was at its peak.

Nurses always cite incapacitation to a level where they sometimes down tools.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has tripled it’s intake of nurses as the demand for their services has gone high due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

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