Zimbabwe first country to receive Second batch of Covid 19 Vaccines in Africa

By Taboka Nleya P

Zimbabwe has received the Second Batch of the Sinopharm Covid 19 vaccine and its first batch of the Sinovac Vaccine becoming the first country in Africa to receive the second consignment from China .President Emmerson Mnangagwa received the vaccines this morning at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport .

The consignment consists of 200 000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines donated by China plus another 200 000 procured by the government.

Addressing stakeholders after receiving the consignment President Mnangagwa said that this marks another milestone in relation to the ongoing fight against the deadly Covid 19 pandemic.

” Zimbabwe becomes the first country in Africa to receive a second batch of Covid-19 vaccines which attests to the country’s strategic and long standing relationship with China. Zimbabwe is making steady progress in the fight against Covid-19. ”

The President expressed his gratitude to the people of China for showing a gesture of support as well as their continued assistance and solidarity has indeed lightened the burden in a difficult period while positively impacting the health well being, protection and recovery of the nation of Zimbabwe.

Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care Rtd Gen Dr Constatino Chiwenga also speaking at the same occasion said the nation will go into the second phase of the vaccination programme with vigor especially for the teachers and lecturers to ensure the safety of learners and teachers.

” We are going to intensify our roll out plan for the vaccination of teachers so that the education system continues in full throttle in this country . The teachers are coming next to be vaccinated so that there are no problems in the education sector.”

Zimbabwe rolled out the Vaccination Program last month in February with frontline workers getting the first 200 000 Sinorpharm vaccines donated by China. To date a total of 37 667 frontline workers have been vaccinated during the first phase of the vaccination programme .

The second phase of the vaccination programme which will follow is targeting government ministers, teachers , lecturers , Judiciary, Law and Order as well as Heads of Denominations.

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