Pressure and depression causing suicide among youths

Posted by Evans Jona

The year 2019 recorded a significant number of suicide cases particularly among the youth in Bulawayo and across the country.

Two National University of Science and Technology (NUST) students took their own lives in the same semester but on different dates under unclear circumstances and the reasons behind the suicides were not established since they did not leave any suicide notes.

Authorities have attributed the cases to depression.

However, some former and pending university youth graduates who spoke to Skyz Metro FM News, expressed deep concerns on youth suicide cases saying losing young lives negatively impacts the future of the country since the youth are regarded as the leaders of the next generation.

Former Midlands State University of Zimbabwe graduate and Young Journalists Association (YOJA) Spokesperson, Leopold Munhende, said there are a number of issues that need to be considered to understand why the youth commit suicide.

Munhende attributed the current economic environment in Zimbabwe as a contributory factor to some suicide cases involving former youthful graduates.

Leopold Munhende explains how the economic situation may cause youths to commit suicide

He added that these former graduates come from diverse backgrounds and understanding the different backgrounds gives incite on the reasons why some take their own lives.

Leopold Munhende highlights how families differ from one to the next and how a youth can have problems in their family resulting in suicide

University and college work pressure was also articulated by Munhende as a reason why some university students even consider committing to suicide.

Leopold Munhende argues that work pressure in universities and colleges drives students to take their own lives

He also highlighted that some students engage in illegal and illicit activities to sustain their livelihoods during an academic year since most come from poverty stricken families, noting that some sell drugs and other illegal substances on campus as fronts for drug cartels. If anything goes wrong it results in them taking their own lives.

Leopold Munhende speaks on how illicit activities of a student can lead them to committing suicide

Meanwhile, following the suicide cases of their fellow counterparts, a NUST Journalism and Media Studies third year class has initiated a movement, hashtag talk to someone, to encourage fellow students to confide in other trusted persons in times of a crisis to avoid suicidal thoughts.

A representative from the class, Nkosikhona Polo Sibanda, said the movement aims to encourage students who are facing problems to share the encounters and receive help.

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