Who owns 63 Gladstone Street Bellevue?

Posted by Janice Ncube

Legal Practitioners have urged residents to understand their property rights and legal processes which are involved with purchasing and endowing property.

This follows a visit made to Skyz Metro FM by one elderly woman, Cynthia Masuku who claims that legal practitioner Wilfred Mafuka from Will and Company Insolvency Practitioners unlawfully leased her house to Lashoni Sansole after violently extracting her from her property and leaving her at Ingutsheni Psychiatric Hospital without her family’s consent.

Cynthia Masuku’s son comments about the wrangle.

The 61 year old who was accompanied by her son alleges that house number 63 Gladstone Street in Bellevue is lawfully in her’s and her late husband’s name and her removal from the property which happened on the 1st of October 2019 was an obstruction of justice.

Cynthia Masuku explaining what happened.

However Investigations conducted by our Skyz Metro FM News Reporter Janice Ncube with the lawyer in question revealed that Masuku was never bequeathed the property by the owner who after his passing on, Wilfred Mafuka the lawyer, was named curator of the property owned by Frank Edwin Burge by the High Court.

Wilfred Mafuka sets the record straight.

Mafuka claims all allegations levied towards him are unjustified as he has all necessary documentation that prove that Masuku is not the owner of the property but a former maid to the Burge family.

Mafuka denounces kidnapping allegations.

He also stated that the incident which Masuku purports as kidnapping was done according to the law as she was a squatter on the property.

Mafuka was named curator of the property by the High Court in order to clear all debts accrued over the years and manage the property.

He claims he had published a call to the owner or those related to the owners of the house to come forward with proper legal documentation which prove relations to the deceased owner a process which Masuku has failed to clarify.

Mafuka calls for Burge’s relatives to claim the property.

Masuku however did not produce relevent documentation to our reporter to prove her ownership of the property.

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