Khaya Arts opens Academy

Written by on April 17, 2023

By Millicent Moyo

The launch of Khaya Arts Academy in Tshabalala promises a better future for children in the area who will get an opportunity to nurture their talents and shun drug and substance abuse.

The Academy aims to contribute to the fight against the scourge through art.

In a speech read on her behalf by the Deputy Director of Local Governance, Mrs Fikile Marovatsanga, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Hon Judith Ncube commended Khaya Arts Production for contributing in the fight against drugs and substance abuse.

“Everyone at individual level should ask themselves how they are going to positively contribute towards the fight against the problem of drug and substance abuse. I therefore urge parents to support this noble idea and bring forth their children to discover and grow their talents at a tender age before their fully exposed to the cruel world of drugs which is enticing. In this academy they will be taught life skills that will help them develop their self-esteem and self-control the two factors that psychologists believe are shields against drugs and substance abuse” , said Marovatsanga.

Khaya Arts Productions Director, Future Dube said the academy hopes to create awareness against the abuse of drugs and alcohol at a tender age by encouraging young people to venture into the arts.

“We also realise that opening a school for arts will not only help discovering and developing artistic talents but also contribute towards the fight against drug and substance abuse in our nation. The primary targets are pre and primary school going children because we want to catch them young. We are aware that delaying tackling this issue of drug and substance abuse might be disastrous talking to secondary children about substance abuse maybe too late because some of them will already be users. We have decided to take it upon ourselves as concerned citizens and parents to engage in pre and primary arts activities in a bid to shield them from mischief at a tender age.”

Tshabalala residents also hailed the initiative as highlighted by Mr John Moyo, a member of the residents association who urged parents and guardians to allow their children to utilise the academy.

“Khaya Arts has done a wonderful job in establishing this place. I am humbled by the gesture which seeks to help our children. Let us try by all means as parents to encourage our children to frequent this place so that they can become better people. These children are very talented and this platform will help them realise and develop those talents.”

A brain child of the award winning Khaya Arts Productions the Academy complements formal schools in identifying and nurturing the artistic talents of children.

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