POTRAZ Clarifies Starlink Situation: Application Under Review, Not Blocked

Written by on April 24, 2024


Nokusa Masuka

The government, through the Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ), has refuted claims that it blocked Starlink from operating in the country.

During a recent Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Postal and Courier Services Digital Economy conference hosted at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair today, POTRAZ Director General Dr. Gift Machengete explained the situation.

He clarified that POTRAZ requested Starlink to deactivate users who were accessing the service without proper authorization, as Starlink hadn’t applied for a license to operate in Zimbabwe.

“We haven’t blocked Starlink,” emphasized Dr. Machengete. “They had not applied to operate, and that’s where the issue came in.”

However, Dr. Machengete also revealed that Starlink has since submitted an application, which POTRAZ is currently reviewing. He highlighted the importance of proper regulation to ensure consumer protection and data security.

Last week, Starlink suspended its services in Zimbabwe following a government order citing violations of the Postal and Telecommunications Act. While Starlink wasn’t officially available, some Zimbabweans were able to access it through its roaming features.

This clarification from POTRAZ sheds light on the recent Starlink service disruption. The situation is one of following regulations rather than an outright ban.

Therefore, with the application under review, it remains to be seen if and when Starlink will be officially authorized to operate in Zimbabwe.

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