First preferences for vendors temporarily moved from EGodini as it nears completion

Written by on January 25, 2024

Teseletso Matjaka and Romeo Gumbo


Originally used as a taxi rank, EGodini is now home to a large number of merchants that rely on sales to make ends meet. The programme in place that granted priority to vendors who were temporarily removed from the market has made the vendors quite delighted.

EGodini has been closed for a few years in order to allow for renovations by a South African company called Terracotta. Terracotta was awarded a contract to build the new building, which would maintain EGodini’s clean and safe city measures.

When construction is completed, EGodini will grant merchants stalls; however, traders that were temporarily relocated will be given priority.

EGodini’s reopening was eagerly anticipated by Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart last month, but it had to be postponed because of certain incomplete constructions. Nevertheless, the day is getting closer for EGodini’s reopening.

Speaking with Skyz Metro FM News, Michael Ndiweni, Executive Director of the Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association, stated that the council, as one of the stakeholders, assigns stands since the market has to support the local economy noting that first preference will be given to those who were there before.

“The preference is going to be given to the four hundred amd six hundred people who were at Egodini before they were moved for revamping “, said Ndiweni.

The council intends to implement an open and transparent system for assigning stands to legitimate Bulawayo residents who can provide proof of residency. However, priority would be given to the first people who arrived when the site was locked.

Mr Ndiweni said 400 to 600 persons were among the folks who were relocated from EGodini when it was still a temporary location.

A mixture of excitement and concerns were however raised by residents of Bulawayo about the reopening of eGodini.

Speaking to Skyz Metro FM reporters yesterday, residents in the Central Business District (CBD) and 6th Avenue who preferred to remain anonymous expressed their opinions about the matter.

One resident said they are concerned about the closing up of 6th avenue.

“If they close 6th avenue l am concerned that they will relocate to do illegal tranportation and they will be more touts in other streets of the City and that will create more chaos than before “,he said.

Another resident who spoke to Skyz Metro FM said they are pleased that the streets will now mantain good hygiene.

” l am glad that now the streets will bev well swept and there will less chaos on the streets caused by the illegal tranport sector and touters”,said the resident.

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