Aspiring Bosso Commitee Member Kindman Ndlovu promises to use his skillset to assist in all departments if voted in

Written by on January 30, 2024

Marvelous Mpofu

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Aspiring Highlanders Football Club Committee member Kindman Ndlovu has described himself as a well rounded candidate and promised to use his skills skillset to assist the club.

He was speaking in an interview on the Drive Time Sports show yesterday ahead of the chairman, secretary, and a committee members club elections set for 4 February 2024.

Ndlovu highlighted that he is a lifetime club member and has studied sports administration, sports management, football coaching while at the same time being a special ultrasonographer who closely works with Bosso hence hopes to be part of a group that will elevate the club.

“I say to you vote Kindness Ndlovu as a Commitee Member because lm a trained Sports Administrator, l will help the club make decisions from an informed point if view. Vote for Kindman Ndlovu because l am a business administrator, a project manager, and football is business and football is a project,” said Ndlovu.

Questioned on his suggestion on improving income through selling of players and developing youths, Ndlovu said that financing the youth development would be key hence he is keen on championing for that to happen adding that it is a project that needs urgent attention as it has been ongoing for some years.

“We are not as efficient as we can be because some if our functions are not being enabled by the constitution. The talk of amending it is something that’s there. It’s a process that is ongoing,” said Ndlovu

He further spoke on how improvement in communication and transparency would assist in reducing challenges and working better with other members.

Ndlovu will contest against Bheka Sibanda.

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