Affordable housing for all in the pipeline

Written by on April 6, 2023

By Panashe Guwhe

Radar Properties’ King City Project is servicing ten thousand stands in Umguza to address the housing and Infrastructure backlog in line with the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) which targets to deliver two hundred and twenty thousands housing units by 2025.

The project is set to transform the urban landscape and contribute to Zimbabwe’s goal of becoming an upper-middle income economy by 2030.

Speaking during the tour on Wednesday , Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Hon Daniel Garwe said he was impressed by the project’s development which contributes to the national housing stock.

He said , “This project fits very well into the Vision 2030 Agenda that Zimbabwe must be developed into an upper middle income economy . The program is also fitting well into the policy on Human Settlements were government is now saying we must ensure that onsite services are provided.

We have seen tarred roads in the Phase 1 , the roads are being opened right now , we see water lines , sewer already constructed and electricity is already here. So it is speaking very well into the detects of the Human Settlements Policy .

This is land where there is security of tenure so the beneficiaries will obviously have land with title deeds . We are impressed with the development that sees local developers developing Zimbabwe in accordance with the clarion call by His Excellency that “Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo , Ilizwe Lakhiwa Ngabanikazi Balo ” and most importantly , “Leaving No Place and No One Behind”.

Radar Properties, Chairperson Mr Elias Hwenga , said the objective is to ensure shelter is available to everyone at an affordable price.

“This project Kings City has ten thousand homes which will accomodate at least forty thousand people. This is very significant in reducing the housing back log in this country. Our key objective Honourable Minister is to provide affordable , quality accomodation for Zimbabweans ” , said Hwenga.

Bulawayo City Council Town Planning Director , Mr Wisdom Siziba, highlighted the projects contribution to the Bulawayo Master Plan.

“Bulawayo City Council has an operative Master Plan and this plan does not end on the city’s boundaries but covers other areas such as this one . The planning that we have here also dovetails the Bulawayo Master Plan , you see also the ring roads such as Bulawayo Drive they are there on the Master Plan series of road proposals “, said Siziba.

The eight phased project has witnessed the completion of phase 1 with completely serviced stands while development of the second phase is currently underway.

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