Zimbabwe Passengers Association appeals to government to suspend CAG Company operations

Written by on January 15, 2024

Romeo Gumbo


The Zimbabwe Passengers Association has lodged an appeal to the President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Minister of Transport and Minister of Home Affairs to suspend the operations of CAG Company for at least 6 months under investigation following complaints from passengers about passenger abuse and infringement.

Alleged cases that have resulted in this appeal include an incident of one passenger who was left by the CAG coaches in the bush, overloading of passengers, two road carnages taking place within a week and a spate of accidents overshadowing the CAG operations, leaving many passengers dead or with many permanent disabilities.

Speaking on a press statement, the Secretary General of Zimbabwe Passengers Association Mr Paul Makiwa appealed to the President, Minister of Transport and Home Affairs Minister to suspend the CAG transportation operations as investigations continue.

He also stated that in recent years, some companies were suspended due to the violation of the Road Traffic Act.

“Companies such as Mhunga, Zebra Kiss and Rimbi were caught in the same suspension due to ill operations and violation of the Road Traffic Act enacted by the parliament of Zimbabwe, hence there is need for government to consider such issues, said Makiwa”.

Secretary General Makiwa also appealed to the drivers across the country to adhere to speed limits and all road regulations in order to avoid unnecessary loss of lives on the road and ensure tthe safety of all passengers.

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