Information Minister implores the media to stop being alarmist and support Zig

Written by on April 15, 2024

nformation, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere has castigated some members of the media that are sensationalizing news, causing alarm and panic among citizens.

Minister Muswere, while addressing a media workshop organised by the National Aids Council (NAC) in Kadoma, urged the media to take a leading role in encouraging people to support the country’s new currency ZiG.

He said there are many success stories being implemented by the Second Republic, but some media outlets have maintained a negative attitude towards such developments.

“The Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a monetary policy statement and some of the members of the fourth estate, the alarmists with negative attitudes, those who are blind to see the success stories brought about by the new dispensation, those who are blind to see Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, those who are blind to see the roads that they utilise, those who are blind to see the success stories across all sectors of the economy be it energy be it agriculture be it ICT…”, he lamented.

He said journalism should have ethics and desist from abusing their freedom of expression.

“It is good to discuss, to explore, to seek clarity because it’s all constitutional in terms of the freedom of expression but the panic, the alarm around doom and catastrophe should not be part of journalism. Journalism should have ethics to be able to tell the correct story based on facts, whether negative or positive,” advised Minister Muswere.

He said the Zimbabwe Media Commission should take the lead in working with media practitioners to develop a code of conduct and ethics for the industry. Business has since welcomed the introduction of the new currency.

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