Bulawayo residents help catch copper thieves

Written by on June 11, 2024

Chennai Museta

Hillside residents have assisted in the arrest of two copper cable thieves, Ephraim Mbewe (40) and Leery Manyora (27), the duo, which was caught red-handed damaging street lights and cutting copper wires.

Bulawyo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube praised the residents for their swift action, which led to the suspects’ apprehension. The pair has been linked to multiple robberies in the area.

Bulawayo has been plagued by widespread cable theft, leaving several suburbs in darkness. Queens Park, Emhlangeni, Northend, and Magwegwe have recently experienced rolling blackouts due to the ongoing thefts.

The power utility has suffered significant losses, estimated to be millions of dollars annually, due to the theft and vandalism of its infrastructure. In response, parliamentarians have advocated for mandatory sentences to deter copper cable thieves.

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